E.B., Seattle, US

Hi Rifa,
I am doing fine. …. I did some research on “Mahra” my name. Very strange, there is a city in Yemen (in the Middle East) named Mahra. Also there is an indigenous tribe in this area called the Mahra Tribe. I have no idea if there is a connection here but it’s quite odd. I did notice I have had congestion in my chest, a lot of it and it felt very heavy and painful. It’s much less now especially after that session. The rest just made things more clear for me now in this life and how I can’t degrade myself again (which I felt I did in this Middle East last life during the session). So thank you very much! If I decide to come for another reading I will contact you. … Maybe in a few months. I will for sure refer people to you in a heartbeat.”

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