Soul Body Alliance ©

Soul Body Alliance© (SBA) program was developed on the premises that every cell in our body has a cosmic intelligence and connected with the universal energy.

Soul Body Alliance© is a Spiritual Integration between a Soul and a Body is based on the awareness that each cell contains memories of sensations, programs, events and knowledge from various incarnations that are actively influencing your current life.

I developed this method in 2012, when a young woman with a rare physical condition contacted me from the other side of the globe. Immediately, I felt compelled to take this challenge and we started to work.
This program was born out of our combined discoveries. I feel that this young woman came to show me of what is possible and I am grateful for her gift.

My goal is to assist you in gradually opening your own “Spiritual Archive” that stores all information your body is ready to share with you now.

I have been using this method with hundreds of clients worldwide with a great success.
It started it, as a Skype program, eventually, I added Soul Body Alliance program, as my offering to my in-office clients.


A prompt from the universe.
How we could get it more obvious!



Trying to catch your attention

The program consists of four sessions, 50 min. each. 

By the fourth session, my clients may achieve a sense of comfort and understanding of what is really going on in their bodies. How the cries for help in their bodies are connected to the situation they are currently dealing with.
We also are able to find the roots of their issues.

If it is a case of dis-ease – how to deal with it.
If making a choice – when to accept or change.


After 4 sessions, You may:

  • continue to explore your spiritual life as a SOUL
  • use SBA, as an emergence help or 
  • use SBA as regular tune up sessions.

The method of Soul Body Alliance is very simple, yet effective and versatile.

When we from a state of deep relaxation, address a particular part of the body, we create a favorable condition for an honest conversation.

Your body is ready to tell its story.

Since I have numerous qualifications, I will go with you wherever we need to go to find a relief and clarity.

Reflection on SBA session #1,  2022

“Rifa asked about the outcome of these experiences…  As I result, I am a better trauma therapist.  I have strong, genuine, connections with my clients.  I know their darkness and despair.
And more than that, I am able to see their strength, courage, and resilience… the beauty and extraordinary adaptability of the human spirit.
I am able to help them to become aware of their “warrior spirit” – the part that doesn’t give up – so that they can start to view themselves with compassion, understanding, and gratitude.
So they can let go of shame and self-hatred and begin to heal.”

None of the services provided at Adventure into Time and Beyond is intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical or mental health issues.
These services are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed provider.

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