Questions & Answers

Would I benefit from another PLR session with you?

Yes, it will be beneficial to search out another lifetime that is relevant to your current life circumstances; however, I recommend that you wait at least 6 weeks after the last session to allow all previous information to integrate.

Will I need more than one LBL session?

A single LBL Regression normally promotes lasting positive changes in one’s life. As your life progress, you most likely feel that it is time for another LBL.

During the session, you will directly connect with your Spiritual Teachers, making it easier to access them later on your own.

Should I read Dr. Newton’s books before having my LBL Regression?

It is not necessary to read Dr. Newton’s books before a session. You may find the information helpful; however, some clients prefer to approach their LBL simply by having an open mind. Trust and follow what you feel is appropriate for you.

How long is a session?

I offer different sessions.
A preliminary Hypnosis session takes 50-60 min.
A PLR session takes 2 hours. An LBL session is approximately 4 hours in length. Restroom breaks are incorporated into the session. You will simply be given the suggestion to return to the same level of trance where we left off.

How much does a session cost?

To inquire about the fee, please, contact me personally.

How do I schedule a session?

Please, email me to check availability. I can usually accommodate clients within a month of the time of the first contact.

We will start with free greet and meet 15-20 free consultation.  Then
we find a mutually suitable time for your appointment and I will hold it for you. When I receive your funds, your appointment will be confirmed.

I have seen clients from all over the world for LBL sessions. I will work with your schedule and make certain your need will be met.

None of the services provided at Adventure into Time and Beyond is intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical or mental health issues.
These services are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed provider.

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