Prenatal Regression

What happens before we are born?
Is it a beginning or the next chapter?

Do we choose our mothers?
Have we ended up in our families randomly or was it planned?
How does the baby communicate from the womb?


We know telepathically what Mother and Father’s feelings are – their attitudes, hopes, and fears.

We know how they truly feel towards each other, towards the world in general, and how they feel about giving birth to us.

And we have very definite feelings about being born – sometimes we’re not too happy about it!

By regressing back to this point in our lives, we may be able to find the answers to many questions, and better understand, and heal, the legacy that we have received on an energetic level from Mother.

Exploring this part of our past can help us to heal and understand emotions and distortions that have been with us since birth.

Freeing ourselves from these energies allows us to move forward in our lives with much more understanding, consciousness, fulfillment, and freedom.

“From all of our studies, we know that the baby is far more sophisticated than anything w ever gave them credit for being before. We didn’t think it could have an experience, we didn’t think it could sense anything,  and we didn’t think it had the brains to know what the senses were telling them.  Babies seem to have a working mind, which is part of their consciousness, part of their human consciousness, it is not something that develops in stages, like the brain develops in stages, the mind is simple a part of who they are. That’s a whole new idea.”
David Chamberlain,

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