Past Life Regression (PLR)

Have you ever felt that you’re living somebody else’s life?

Past Life Regression therapy is an efficient, effective and inexpensive technique for accessing the subconscious mind, which contains complete knowledge of your personal history throughout time.

Team Work.
Past life Regression is a teamwork. I am doing my part, and You are doing yours.
I am asking the right questions, You are sharing, what is going on with you.

All the information about past life experiences are coming to you in a way of knowing, sensations, images, participations, or feelings.

The better we work together, as a team, the more productive your PLR session is.

The more information about yourself in a different life, as a different persona you get.

The more understanding, solutions and benefits for your Present life you can receive from visiting another incarnation of your Soul.

There are several different applications of Past Life Regressions:

Individual Private Past Life Regression  it takes around 2 hours.
You will explore in details the life that is most connected to your presented situation or circumstances in the present-day life.

Dual Past Life Regression for two of you at the same time. 
It takes around 3 hours. (A successful Individual Regression is a pre-requisite to a Dual Regression.) You will be led to the mutual events, expressing your own opinion / expression/ feelings on the mutual situation.

Group Past Life Regression– takes around 3 hours. 
During this time, first I will explain what to expect and
how to recognize, process and deal with the information that arrived from your personal memories archives, your subconscious mind.

We do a group PLR.
After the PLR we will discuss and debrief your experiences.

” The experiences and lessons from past lives always influence (and often deeply) one’s present life, sometimes in unusual and unexpected ways.”
– “Life Patterns”
by Henry Leo Bolduc

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What is Past Life Regression (PLR)?

None of the services provided at Adventure into Time and Beyond is intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical or mental health issues.
These services are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed provider.

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