Mothers Day

Salute to all of you, Mothers.

 Role of the Mother is the most prominent assignment of the Soul.
The most important, tenacious and rewarding role. 
When you made an agreement with another Soul to come into the Mother-Child relationship, you signed up for the lifetime.
This role ends, when one of the player decides to leave the Earth. 
After you agreed to the Mother’s role, you cannot divorce, resign, change our mind or take a break. 
Your child may be a familiar Soul. You already have a history together.  
Or, it may be your first Soul experience together. You yet have to learn how your energies interact.

While being a Mother, you are weaving variety of your personal lessons into the role. 
And this is make this experience so unique, rich and precious.

Happy Mother’s day

2015 To Mothers
To all mothers who agreed to do the job,
to become a vessel for bringing a new Soul into the life,
to fulfill the role of a Mother.

You signed up an agreement with a Soul of your future child
to do what the child’s Soul  will require to achieve their lessons.
Yes, you have been chosen.

No matter how difficult Mother’s job is,
you have to be a mother to appreciate the hidden rewards, joy and excitement. 
Congratulation to all of you on Mother’s Day or any other day.
I salute you.


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