Memories of the AfterlifeMemories of the Afterlife
Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation
Edited by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

Featuring a chapter on Rifa Hodgson’s LBL client session titled "Life on the Wing"

Dr. Michael Newton, returns as the editor and analyst of a series of amazing case studies that highlight the profound impact of spiritual regression on people’s everyday lives. These fascinating true accounts are handpicked and presented by Life Between Lives hypnotherapists from around the world trained and certified by the Newton Institute. They feature case studies of real people embarking on life-changing spiritual journeys after recalling their memories of the afterlife: reuniting with soul mates and personal spirit guides, and discovering the ramifications of life and body choices, love relationships, and dreams by communing with their immortal souls. As gems of self-knowledge are revealed, dramatic epiphanies result, enabling these ordinary people to understand adversity in their lives, find emotional healing, realize their true purpose, and forever enrich their lives with new meaning.

Excerpt of Book

The following is a brief excerpt from my own contribution, a chapter entitled,
"Life on the wing"

This is a story of a" Hybrid Soul", Lindsay. Often gentle, sensitive and older souls, hybrids can have difficulties adapting to this planet and may have chosen to incarnate on Earth in order to experience a difficult challenge; they can feel isolated, different and experience problems in creating relationships. Through LBL Lindsay gained clarity and understanding and was able to move forward with her life.

When Lindsay, 51, contacted me about Past Life and Life Between Lives sessions she was concerned whether her current extreme fatigue would allow her to fully experience
it. I discovered that she had experienced severe birth trauma and had been battling with ill health all her life. She’d had aches in the area of her spleen
for as long as she could remember and she constantly avoided crowds and noisy places because they made her feel overwhelmed and physically sick.
Lindsay had never been able to create a deep connection with anyone, because she felt different and somewhat isolated. I also found out that
eight years before, while working in Africa on an international development project, she’d been bitten by an insect carrying five viruses.
Eventually the viruses cleared up but she was left with an exceptionally bad post viral condition – chronic fatigue syndrome.


During Lindsay’s first Past Life Regression session, we explored several lives. None of these was directly related to the insomnia, however, receiving the lessons of
those lives during the hypnotic state Lindsay found parallels with her current life.

Lindsay observed:-"I hadn’t completed things in those lives to my satisfaction…In this current life, there is so much work I have to do; and yet I can’t do it.
I cannot be sick and do the work, my body just can’t handle it…transferring all that energy…I am very aware of time…the fact that time is going by
… it’s been hard to relax and allow the healing process to be completed … it makes me feel sad, somewhat aimless, helpless and disconnected".

I asked Lindsay to go directly to the origins of feeling sad, aimless, helpless and unable to do ‘the work’. She became very emotional and tearful as, haltingly, she recounted:
Lindsay- "I have wings…ah… am a sort of yellow, golden color with wings; gliding, not flapping, gliding and a tail like… kind of … like an insect , very large…it’s shaped like a wasp or lizard … but my head is very strange. … I came to this planet to do some energy work and I can’t! It’s difficult …It’s beyond my abilities at this point…It’s too hard a task … I try to manipulate the energy , but I can’t … I don’t have the skills. I am reaching beyond my skills level … I want to do too much, too soon … We are all very eager to transform the planet …we orbit around and work, then we rest …we don’t need much sleep here. "


At the end of the session Lindsay was totally exhausted but very pleased. LBL had given her an understanding of who she is. It clarified her purpose and gave her
the encouragement that she is, indeed, on a right path. The LBL session gave her an explanation of the flying dreams she could remember ever since
her childhood. It seemed that Lindsay wasn’t surprised at all, in fact, she identified with the incarnation in her "flying body"
much more than her incarnation in human form.It explained so many other things; why she had always felt extremely uncomfortable and
overwhelmed when in a crowd, hearing the voices of people around her like a constant, intrusive noise and feeling almost as though she had
been sucking in all the pain and despair around her. She could now understand why she had never been able to connect with anyone on a deeper level.
Perhaps the strongest impact of her LBL was that Lindsay was now able to connect with her history. She discovered her own origins, the origins of her unique abilities
and also that there were others, with similar abilities making similar mutual efforts. Lindsay observed: "Knowing that I belong ‘somewhere’ makes me feel that I belong
more ‘here’. When I own who I am it’s projected forward; and people relate to me differently than ever before."

Now, a year later, her spleen area is feeling great and her sleep pattern is gradually improving. Lindsay is now carrying out intensive energy work,
releasing her own "baggage" and healing herself as well as others.
She learned and is putting into effect this important lesson: she must first heal herself before she can finally do the work she came
to do here on Earth. This, in her own words, she describes as ‘The Planet Work.’ While I was writing her story Lindsay called me,
to let me know that a special man had come into her life. He has the kindest eyes and most beautiful smile as well as "goofy silly, shoes",
as her Council had predicted!

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