Life Between Lives with Rifa

Deciding to undertake a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression is an important step of your life journey, often a life changing experience.

You are going to meet a larger part of yourself, an immortal, eternal part of yourself, your magnificent SOUL.

It is your SOUL made plans for your life on Earth and now is walking with you all the way.
Sometimes even intervening on your behalf, when you are in mortal danger or get off the track.
Your Soul loves you no matter what you do.

I believe that your personal Life Between Lives Journey started long before you made your initial contact with me or other LBL facilitator. Your initial connection with LBL facilitator, as I see it, is the second step.

The first one was when you started to think about your life.
Why am I here?
Is there a bigger plan for me?
Become curious. Is there anything else that hidden “below the surface”?
You started to notice lucky co-incidents, so called synchronicities. Information and clues start to flow into your life from unexpected sources.

As you are preparing for your Life Between Lives Regression, your Spiritual Advisers are with you, they are guiding you. They know what you need, in what form and intensity and that is what they deliver.

What a glorious moment

Reflection… it is just a reflection

I am amazed how different and unique each Spiritual regression is.

At the beginning, you may be unsure of yourself, or confused, or even may think that you’re imagining it, It is quite normal. As Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” So, please, keep imagining.

As we continue, you become more comfortable with yourself.
You are getting more understanding, more information in terms of feelings, sensations, visuals, knowing, and so on, you become more experienced with surroundings and situations.
Finally you start making remarkable connections. The journey begins to make more sense.

One of the most profound experiences you can get from an LBL regression is uncompacting love that pours into your being from those who love you, including your Guides, your SOUL, your Soul friends, your Council of Elders and other loving beings.
It is an absolute knowing inside you that you are loved stays with you long after our session is over.
This makes LBL so profound experience.

There are many different scenarios could unfold and presented to you during LBL regression. No two sessions are alike.

It is “a custom-made experience” run by your Spiritual Guides and your Soul. It is done in a style that would be the most appropriate for you.
Who could know you better, than your SOUL and your Spiritual Guide?
A spirit world reflect back to you your personality traits in a most gentle, sometimes humorous way.
The situation may be presented in a way that it would be obvious what you’re missing or refuses to see in your current life.

You may get it immediately or next day, next month, or years later.


Spirit Guide Aelishkah

You are not alone

My role as YOUR Life Between Lives Facilitator.

During the 4+-hour session I will:

  • Keeping you safe and protected at any moment of your LBL journey.
  • Make sure that you aware, I am with you all the way.
  • Prompting you, or giving you a space, depending on the situation.
  • Advising you on an etiquette of the Spirit World.
  • Keeping my eyes on your physical body and catering to all your physical needs.
  • Advising you how to form your questions in a way that it would be answered.
  • Bringing your attention to the signs and clues, the spirit world is giving you.
  • Checking maps of the spirit world that we know where you are in your journey.
  • Finding various “short cuts” to bring you where you need to be next.
  • Make sure your session keeps flowing.
  • Helping you to “connect the dots”
  • Reminding you of similar patterns, you display during our session and may be during your lives.
  • Making sure you “downloaded” all your gifts from LBL session to the internal library of your mind.
  • Make sure we covered what is important for you.
  • Create a short summary of your LBL session.
  • Bringing you back home safety.

Michael Newton and Rifa Hodgson Chicago 2007

Rifa Hodgson is the first Certified LBL Therapist in Western Canada. She traveled to the USA to be trained and then accredited by The Michael Newton Institute. Rifa is based on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, but does travel throughout Canada to conduct these potentially life changing sessions. There are unlimited possibilities for inner discoveries!

“No two sessions are alike, therefore LBL cannot be fully described – LBL must be experienced”. Rifa Hodgson

In the words of those who experienced LBL with Rifa

“I was awakened to the immense responsibility I’d taken on in this life and now understand with more brevity the reasons why I chose this course and how these themes play out from life to life….. I now possess a much stronger realization of who I am, my place in this world and how I fit in it…. I see my purpose clearly now thanks to Rifa and her wonderful talents and skills.”
– R.M. BC Canada

“WOW, What an amazing Adventure!!…. Rifa has a beautiful energy about her which makes you feel safe. Thank you for sharing your energy.” “
– Tammy B. Bellingham, WA

“The main thing that I can say about my LBL regression is that I came away with many of the answers and directions I was seeking. Anyone wishing an adventure or clarification looks no further.” “
– E.S

None of the services provided at Adventure into Time and Beyond is intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical or mental health issues.
These services are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed provider.

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