Past Life Stories

Karen’s debriefing of Past List Regression Session.

The PLR story of Jay, a medicine woman.

Marlene, a professional woman in her 40’s decided to do Past Life Regression with me for several reasons: she felt like her current life was a constant struggle, even though she admitted, that her day to day life wasn’t stressful at all.
She wanted to heal her relationship with certain members of her family but never was able to open up and trust them. Marlene also had a tight restriction in her throat and no matter what she tried, she couldn’t get any release.

At the start of her regression she found herself in the forest, barefoot, wearing a long green shirt and a heavy loose skirt. She had a dark complexion with chiseled high cheekbones, dark black hair and dark eyes. She noticed that a skin on her hands was wrinkled and looked old. Her name was Jay.

It became clear that Jay was in the forest to pick up some plants which she gathered into a basket. It felt like spring. She was picking some prickly leaves for a specific remedy to help a man. Making remedies and medicinal teas for other people-this is what she does, helping people to get better. The knowledge about the plants and how to use them to cure different conditions Jay received from her grandfather.
She has been treating the whole community- the young and the old for many years.

Her life ended suddenly and tragically, like many other healers and medicine women she was accused of witchcraft and was prosecuted.

“I’ve been punished for treating people. They are cutting my fingers … one by one … and my throat.”

The people circled around, some of them from her community, some are strangers.

Marlene continued, as she observed the final scene of her life of Jay from above.

“They are celebrating … they don’t have to be scared of me anymore … Some people look different … they are white … I am Cree.

Looking at the scene Jay saw her body was laying on the ground, the knees tucked under as if she was kneeling. Her fingers were cut, her throat was slit.

“I helped many of those people … they don’t see it … they don’t get it … they‘re scared … I feel sad for them … I am ok … It’s ok.”

In the final part of the session, when we examined hidden motives, connections, dynamics and benefits of those discoveries, to bring back into a current life, it turned out that Jay was reported by a woman she recently helped. Jay thought they were friends, it wasn’t spoken, but Jay felt there was a deep seated connection between them. A woman was among the people who watched the execution and she “didn’t look sad”.

Marlene discovered that her lesson in a life of Jay was to help people regardless of the consequences.

In a woman who accused Jay, Marlene recognized a member of her current life family. No wander Marlene felt a strong energy of betrayal in her life.

Marlene also discovered why that woman turned her in. She learned that in a life of Jay that woman was jealous of her. Jay was too free, too independent, she was sought after and she was helping people. Her life had meaning and purpose.

After Marlene made peace with people in life of the medicine woman, we healed Marlene’s throat and hands.

After the session her throat felt better. She also had some unexpected discoveries.

I’ll let Marlene share her surprises with you, listen to what Marlene said after her session with me.


The PLR story of “Jeff” – a pirate in 1876

The PLR story of “Anita”- Lady Frances

Anita is in her fifties, married with 2 grown children. She was a stay at home mom taking care of her family and raising her children. When the children moved out, she found herself at a cross road, not knowing what to do next. Anita felt that there was other work for her to do in her life, another calling, but she was afraid to move forward, to make a decision.

During Past Life Regression she found herself as a middle aged, upper class woman. She wore a long heavy grey dress with a her full long skirt that touches the ground.

“I’ve also got a shawl, it is meant for warmth, not decoration … I am worried, I may be replaced, there were rumors…. I am getting old… losing my looks, my hair is greying … Those horrible rumors … I will lose my security … my position… people will talk about me.”

Her name was Lady Frances. She has known about her husband’s infidelity for a long time, but now it is open and everybody knows it too. They look down on her now. What a disgrace! People become uncomfortable around her. They gossip.

Her husband has made the decision to send her away. Far away. Her children won’t be going with her. They will stay with the relatives.

“I pleaded with my husband to keep my children, but not for a long… I had to keep my dignity.”

Lady Frances felt angered, belittled and betrayed, but she didn’t have a choice. She has to obey.

It was an arranged marriage, an alliance, arranged by her father. They never loved or cared for each other. She brought him land, he gave her a title.

She left the next day. “…a long voyage over the sea.”
… “I am so confused … so much noise, commotions, I wasn’t used to it”

She liked her new place, small but tidy.

Lady Frances realized that her husband actually did her a favor.

“I am happy here. It’s simple. …. I don’t have to make too many decisions regarding other people.
… I feel relieved and content … I dropped my title ….I am just Frances.”

She made some new friends. Became part of the community.

Years later she died in her garden of heart attack. “I am glad … Fells light and free…”

The lesson of Lady Frances’s life was to have faith that things will turn out well.

“Don’t be caught in your worries what might happen, have faith and courage…
If I had stayed with my husband I would have destroyed myself….. all this negativity I had in that life…. a choice was made for me by my husband, what I feared most turned out to be the best choice.….”

In that past life Lady Frances worried about others opinion so much that she didn’t know who she really was. She regarded to herself as others saw her. All the choices were made for her, first by her father then her husband.
In her present life Anita has to make all the choices herself. But first of all she has to find out who she is and learn to know and love herself.

The PLR Story of “Moira”

Moira came to see me for Past Life Regression with concerns regarding her marriage. Moira was a woman in her thirties with two children. She was unsatisfied for years and her husband wasn’t even aware of her unhappiness.

There was a little connection with her husband and a lack of excitement in her marriage. Moira hated her husband’s calm, somewhat cold and even temperament. She wanted out. Moira was hoping to find an explanation, or excuse for her strong resentment towards her husband.

During PLR she found herself as a 12 year old boy, Tommy, living with his mother. They didn’t have many material things; however there was plenty of joy, laughs and love between them. Tommy’s mother did everything to provide a loving and supportive environment for her son. He couldn’t ask for a better mom. They were best friends and did everything together, exploring the outdoors and cleaning the house. They were so happy together. Most of all, they totally loved and adored each other.

Moira recognized her present husband as Tommy’s mother. At the end of the session I asked Moira to feel Tommy’s mother’s love and to bring that unconditional love into her present life.

The lesson in Moira’s life was to recognize love in any form.

When the session was over Moira felt very confused. She hoped to find something bad and nasty about the dynamic with her husband. Instead she was given a feeling of overwhelming love and peace.

“What will I do with this knowledge now? How will it fit into my life?” – she asked

Moira never left her marriage. Instead she started to see her husband in different light. What she perceived as coldness become acceptance and space. The lack of excitement turned into quiet tenderness.

I checked with her three years later. They had a baby girl.

The PLR Story of “Larry”

This case study clearly illustrates how Past Life exploration explains and benefits present life dynamic, why it brings understanding, peace and acceptance into here and now.

A client, Larry, a well-educated professional had the concern that he had a strange guilty feeling toward his children, from the moment they were born. He treated and raised them well, but couldn’t shrug the feeling that somehow he terribly wronged and failed them.

During the regression Larry found himself in the medieval time as a carefree happy teenager /young woman Annie, who lived with her father, there were only two of them, Annie’s mother died during the childbirth. Annie and her father adored each other. A time came when a fine fellow wanted to marry her. Even though Annie was in love and wanted to be with her beloved, she couldn’t stand the thought of separating with her father. Her father didn’t impose his fatherly will on his daughter and let Annie make her decision on her own. Annie decided to stay with her father, The young fellow felt betrayed by Annie and was angered with her father for allowing Annie made a major decision of her life without a proper guidance.

Soon Annie realized that she made wrong choice and life lost its sweetness for her.
She died shortly after, downed, feeling that she had betrayed and wronged both men in her life. In Annie’s father and her beloved from that medieval life, Larry recognized his present life’s children.

At the end of the session it became clear to Larry where his unexplainable feeling of guilt was rooted. It was rooted in that medieval life where Annie caused grief to both men she loved. Since Annie’s death was sudden and her emotions haven’t been processed, they all seeped into the present life where they really don’t belong.

After forgiveness and integration of all he had discovered, Larry felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders. He has gotten understanding and explanation of his feelings towards his children and now Larry could leave the guilt behind, where it belonged, with Annie.

PLR Story of “Mary”- from victimhood to balance

A former client Mary reasonably healthy, successful woman in her fifties came to experience another PLR. She has been coming for about twice a year when she feels something was ready to be uncovered. She has health concern- fibroids in her uterus. During the session she got to experience “Womanhood”, as a victim in a life of the medieval woman. Then I asked Mary to check if she had incarnations on an opposite side as a male perpetrator. She has found plenty of those lives. When both prospective were explored, the balance could be achieved without a need of condemning or forgiving. Souls usually gather unique, different experiences as opposite genders.

When we connected both past experiences to Mary’s present life and to her present physical body, Mary felt a strong resonance with her uterus..
Mary heard the words in her head -“uterus makes us victims” then she suddenly realized that every female in her family had a hysterectomy.

The last and the most important part of every session are healing and letting of any harmful residues from the past.

The old believes of Mary’s past were transformed into a powerful empowerment and were integrated into present life.
After the session Mary felt that transformation was done. It felt completed.
She allows her uterus to heal as she let go of the victim mentality. The balance was restored.

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