Meet Rifa

Hello, my name is Rifa Hodgson.
Rifa Hodgson
I am happy to be the first accredited by The Newton Institute (TNI) and practicing Life Between Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapist in Canada to offer this incredibly profound experience that can bring a deeper awareness and self- understanding of your soul purpose and identity on earth.

For the past 40 years I have been assisting people to transform their lives, first as a teacher in Moscow and now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, with a specialty in regression therapy, Past Life and LBL regressions.

I know in my heart I did not choose to pursue a career in the field of Past life and LBL Hypnotherapy it has chosen me.

I first experienced Past Life regression as a client in 1983. For years I felt that I had carried the heavy weight of someone elses burdens as if I had lived someone else’s life.

That single session opened the door to a new world, a new passion in my life and then a new career. From then I sought education, taking training and workshops locally and throughout the world.

I established my Hypnotherapy practice parallel to my teaching career and since I have ‘retired’ I now commit my time to assist others through their healing transitions with the help of hypnosis.

I am certified in Hypnotherapy by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and in LBL by The Newton Institute for “Life Between Lives” Hypnotherapy

I took Hypnosis training with Walter Falk, Clinical Hypnotherapy with Lesley McIntosh, Past Life Regression with Henry Bolduc, HypnoBirthingâ with Marie Mongan, HyphoFertilityâ with Lynsi Eastburn and “Life Between Lives” Hypnotherapy with The Newton Institute.

I am forever grateful to all my teachers who helped me to get to this point in my life.

I am a member of:

The Newton Institute for “Life Between Lives” Hypnotherapy – TNI

International Association for Regression Research and Therapies – IARRT

Manitoba Hypnotists’ Association – MHA

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – IMDHA

HypnoBirthing Institute – HBI

The HypnoFertility Foundation

I also hold a Bachelors degree in Education and in Music from Moscow State Pedagogical University.

My additional training includes: Therapeutic Touch, Tai Chi, Qigong, Resonance therapy, Heart Resonance therapy (HRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Dowsing and Shamanic training with The Michael Harner foundation for Shamanic Studies.

My goal is to assist my clients to benefit from their discoveries, understand the choices and consequences they have made throughout their lives and between lives and how these insights connect to their current life.

It never ceases to amaze me that even one PLR/LBL session can produce a profound insight into the life we live now.

I feel very blessed and honored to do this work.

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