LBL Stories


comments of his PLR session

“One of the strongest residues from the session is the experience of me as a woman, of being “Stella”, and the remarkable qualities I/she has. Most especially her young ability to see life for what it is–as a whole, while being fully in life. To remember where I/she comes from. How this thought and this action have been thought and acted before, how cycles repeat. Nothing new and yet even so–freshness in seeing and experiencing. This is sweet.

I’ve always been such a man, it’s been intriguing to feel myself not just as a woman, but as a sexual and passionate one, yet at the same time not lost in it, just deeply enjoying it with confidence and with no fear of men.”

Experience from the Womb

This is an audio clip from an LBL session. In a deep hypnotic state, a client shares experiences of when she was in her mother’s womb.

LBL Story “Anna”

Anna, 35, has suffered from an imbalance of her digestive system for as long as she can remember. She had been born into a family where all its members had been ill for a long time.

She became a professional dietitian and herbalist to help herself and others. At the time she contacted me, Anna’s condition was gradually worsening. Anna had several PLR sessions with me; a high level of rapport was established.

Death Scene
Anna’s immediate life was life of Stewart, who died at the age of 14 from a lung infection in a hospital in town of Battelborrow, Great Britain, on Oct. 12th, 1914. He was in pain, scared and disoriented.

Crossing over
Crossing was very smooth and short. Floating – Feeling of remembering the way home. Anna found herself surrounded with a light. She was the light; it made her feel at peace.

Orientation Stop
Anna’s guide appeared as an old man, like a father figure, projecting love and compassion. Projected color – gold.

Guide’s evaluation of Stewart’s life was very supportive and positive.
The goal of that life was to overcome weakness, to learn to let go of the life force.
The lesson was not yet learned. Anna has to continue to work on letting go and bringing love into family dynamics.

Visiting Soul group
When Anna approached her Soul group they were waiting for her in a group, “bunched – up, like trees”. There were 7 souls and they showed themselves as lights.
All members arranged themselves in a full circle with Anna in the middle.
One by one Anna’s Soul friends came to greet her, starting with her primary Soul mate, her current life partner.
It was interesting that all members of Anna’s group are friends in her present life.

During a visit with her Soul Group Anna found out the color of her energy, it was lemony yellow with a hint of orange.
She also connected with her Immortal Soul name. She was aware of this name all along but never thought of it as the name of her Soul. From that moment I called Anna by her Soul name.

The Council meeting took place in a giant meadow with trees.
Four Wise beings, one of them was Anna’s Guide, were arranged in semicircle with Anna’s Soul standing in front of them.
Feeling of calm and peace….
Since the lesson in Stewart’s life wasn’t leaned, Anna’s present life lesson stays the same – keep working on releasing the desire of clinging to life force, learn to let it go. “It’s almost like it’s more pleasure to let go than clinging on.”

During the Council meeting Anna also found out that her digestive imbalance in a current life is related to the feeling of abandonment from the both God and fathers in a present life and life of Stewart.
Anna realized that the weakness of unfulfilled need is an illusion that exists only on the level of the physical world. The quality of ‘weakness’ itself has to be turned into ‘strength’.
She also received a recommendation on how to address her digestive imbalance.

At the end of the Council Meeting, Anna was taken to a special place, in a different dimension, to “witness human drama”. The purpose for this journey is to know that it’s all an illusion and to be able to recognize it as an illusion in everyday life. Anna was given specific tools regarding connection between emotions and body parts to use this new knowledge in her current life.

Life and Body Selection
Anna’s Soul was reluctant to enter her present life. Her Guide gently persuaded her to incarnate at this time.
Life selection place was a dark room with little light. There was only one body with a fine nervous system.
A family with lots of illnesses and drama around those illnesses was a perfect environment for Anna’s formative years.
The reasons for coming to this life are to bring a connection of body /mind /soul experiences into the consciousness and to assist her family to get healthier.

My comment of Anna’s LBL case.
Anna felt very peaceful, the session went smoothly. It took long time to get any information, there were periods of long silence while Anna gathered her insights.
She was pleased to receive valuable information about connection between body sensations and emotion. She was planning to use it in her practice.

LBL story “Barry”

Barry is a 39 year old project manager with three young children and a wife who is resistant of Barry’s spiritual explorations. This is Barry’s second marriage.
We had a few PLR sessions prior to LBL, so a rapport was very good. Barry is deaf in one ear and previous PLRs were connected to this issue.
He was born into the family of a Holocaust-survivor mother and weak, passive aggressive father.

Death Scene
The life that came forward was a life of a Dutch nobleman in the 16th century, he died peacefully at the age of 60, loved and respected. The last thought was “I will be back”.

Crossing over
Barry immediately crossed over and found himself in the Light surrounded by angels.

Orientation Stop
Barry’s Guide met him at the Gateway, he was dressed in a white robe and projected Love through all colors of the spectrum.
He welcomed Barry back and said, “I told you to slow down.”
The Guide was pleased with Barry’s past life accomplishments – he brought unification to the kingdom, although a personal lesson was not yet learned.

The Council
The council took place in the mountains.
There were 3 beings:
A female energy, she projected Love with Rose color
A male energy who projected Strength and the color was yellow.
The third member of the Council was Barry’s Guide.

Barry’s own color was Blue. He refused to say his Soul name.
“I don’t want to hear, it’s too disturbing. This is my struggle.”
(The ringing in the ear and partly deafness is a result of “Not wanting to hear”)

The Council was supportive and pleased with overall progress.
Their recommendations were: Take time, Go more slowly.
Current life is about unification as well, with the personal project of experimenting with Love and Fear.

Visiting Soul Group
Members of Barry’s Soul group were having a medieval feast, there were 4 of them. They greeted Barry with laughter and raised their glasses in his honor.
They all were his friends and family in his present life.
All Souls in his Group, including Barry, were teachers and teasers.

Life and Body Selection
The decision to incarnate into the present life was made by Barry’s Soul.
There was only one body to choose with a perfect environment- family of Holocaust survivors, language, culture, unconditional love, even the negative traits were necessary challenges to work though Love and Fear.

My comments of Barry’s LBL case.
Barry’s receptivity was very good. He was very often ahead of me.
There was a strong resistance to say the Soul name out loud, however it’s a part of Barry’s lesson, he found out about the connection between hearing problem and “refusal to hear” who he really is.
There were lots of laughs during the session, Barry was able to joke, tease me and made fun of himself.

LBL Story “Ronnie”

Ronnie, 41, has a big family with 5 children. She works as a bartender. Ronnie had one very successful PLR session with me. We established a very high level of rapport during our first session.

Death Scene
Ronnie’s most immediate life was life of a man, Bill who died in November 14th 1938 at the age of 42 in a car accident. Bill was drunk and angry.
He experienced remorse about wasted life and the impact his life had made on his family.
Bill spent time comforting his family before crossing over.

Crossing over
Ronnie was able to describe in details her crossing:
She was moving immediately up high; saw the buildings in the town were getting smaller and smaller. At some point she felt pulled, and then went through the Gray Zone, pushing the mist out of her way as if swimming. She gently landed in front of the huge Gate.

Orientation Stop
Ronnie described magnificent buildings with arches and colonnades like the Greek Pantheon. People were greeting her and welcoming her back.
Ronnie’s Guide presented herself as a female with a reddish golden hair and golden skin. She wore a long robe and projected a gentle, loving energy of emerald green color. Ronnie found out the name of her Guide.
They took a seat by a beautiful pond, evaluating the life of Bill.
The Guide felt that the lesson wasn’t yet learned; however the regret and remorse about the wasted life and self-distraction that Bill felt at the end of his life was a major step toward achieving the goal for that life.

Ronnie had made three other stops before visiting her soul group.

Healing Centre
Ronnie had a healing session inside a pyramid shape building. She has healing sessions after every life however this one was special due to the particularly difficult life as Bill.

The Temple
She visited the Cathedral-like temple to give gratitude and honor to Mother and Father Spirits.

The Library

It was the biggest Pantheon-like building with big tables in the middle and scrolls from the floor to the ceiling. In the Library she studied her other incarnations and did research into addiction and self-destruction. Ronnie found out her Soul’s name. Her Soul’s Color – purple/blue, indigo going to purple, like velvet. From this point I referred to Ronnie by her Soul name.

Visiting Soul group
The meeting took place outdoors, in a circular garden near the water. There were black and white swans.
There was a circle of souls with Ronne and her Guide in middle.
There were 7 souls in this group altogether.

Ronnie met most of her family in a present life who came into this life to work as a team with the same distractive forces, plus to pursue their personal lessons.

A huge marble building like a temple,
There were 8 beings at the huge table. They presented themselves as energy of all colours of the specturm.
Ronnie was standing in front of them; her Guide was standing on a right.
The Council’s opinion was favorable, progress was made, but not enough.
The recommendation offered was to keep working on issue of self-distraction, addiction and insecurity.
An expectation for current life was that Ronnie would have enough strength and this time could be more successful.

During the council meeting Ronnie asked a question about how she can do more to serve others, learn and progress.
Ronnie recognized that she was serving others as she lived this life, by doing what she is doing. Her current life was very important as a major step in the soul development, like a graduation to the next level.

Life and Body Selection
Ronnie was in a room with her Guide.
Images of different bodies, eyes, cultures were shown on a screen.
An objective for a current life was to combine a strong personality with a small body. The appearance must be ordinary to avoid any distraction. Ronnie’s body was chosen out of two leading candidates, because that particular body would present more challenges during the upcoming life.

There was a council meeting just before an incarnation to finalize details.
Attitude towards rebirth was joyful and excited.
Energy brought forward was 97%
Reasons for upcoming life: Gain confidence and overcome self-distruction through insecurity. There was a sense of clarity of Soul’s knowing- in this incarnation she could be successful.

My comments of Ronnie’s LBL case.
Ronnie’s receptivity was extraordinary. She had a total understanding of her experiences; her ability to describe the scenes for me was remarkable. I was surprised with the way that Ronnie’s Soul talked about her experiences referring to herself in the plural as “we”, we lived, we learned, we understand etc. Ronnie gained awareness and clarity of her spiritual nature, understanding herself as a Soul.

Story of K. N. ( First-hand account)

Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 1:39 PM
To: rifa LBL
Subject: past life etc.

Hi Rifa
Well here it is, finally, the write-up about 2 months after the event.
I hope you are doing well. I wrote this without reference to the tapes, I feel the time will come to listen to them later. I know you made notes, but I thought you might like to see this as a first hand account.
Take care and thanks again for a very important experience that continues to reverberate.

Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 7:28 AM
To: rifa LBL
Subject: RE: past life etc.

Hi Rifa
I’m delighted that you liked my write up, I sent it to a number of friends. You are most welcome to put it on your website, giving initials.
I think the work you are doing is most important, and I wish you all power. I’m most happy to stay in touch.
Stay well,

Past life and life-between-lives regressions
2nd May 2012

I was nervous that morning, having spent a lot of time and money getting to Vancouver and staying at a good hotel, not to mention payment for 6 hours of specialist work by the hypnotist, Rifa Hodgson.

I met her in the lobby, a tiny, attractive and warm-hearted Russian-Canadian woman, and we went up to my room. After preliminaries I was lying on the bed with a blanket over me, and she led me through a couple of visualizations. She then called on my spirit guides to lead me to the past life which has the most relevance to my current incarnation.

In my head I began to see a lot soldiers in armour, holding pikes, marching in tight formation. The “video” I was seeing was quite dark and lacking in peripheral detail. The scene then switched to a large tent which had a back wall and roof but was otherwise open. Three people dressed in fine clothes were sitting in high chairs, two women and a man. The man had the central, highest chair and I realized he was the king of a desert tribe. The two women seated either side of him were his wife and adult daughter.

I was off to one side of the tent, a child of about six years old. Many people dressed in the style of Arabs were filing past the tent, each either giving or receiving something before they moved on and sat down again. It came to me that this was in fact the funeral of my older brother, and I was the king’s second son. (The king was an incarnation of L***, my second wife in this life.) At this point I started to become very emotional, and this continued through most of this past life session. It seems my older brother was killed in a fight with crusaders, and the year was in the 1100’s.

In the next scene I was older, about 18. I had a wife and young child. There was a battle between my tribe and crusaders who murdered us all. I was lying on the ground, mortally wounded, while crusaders stood around mocking me. Finally one finished me off with a thrust of a pike.
I left that lifetime brim full of anger, despair and frustration at this awful disaster, the tremendous loss, the grief, the pointless savagery of it. I come to this life with the mixed messages of “fight, never ever give up”, and “try to find another way, fighting does not work”.

We broke for lunch. I stayed in my room and eat some sandwiches, then had a sleep.

In the afternoon the focus was to be on the life-between-lives. First I was led to my previous life to experience my death there and transition to the life between lives. To my surprise, I saw myself incarnated as a small, ape-like creature on another planet with an ecosystem similar to our own but, of course, very different in detail. I belonged to a highly intelligent and telepathic species that had no need of technology since the tropical environment contained plenty of food and shelter, and no predators that were a threat. The life of this species, both materially and socially, seemed enviably serene. I saw them go about their daily lives, bathing infants in huge watery fruits that they tore apart for the purpose, feeding, and obviously being very fond of each other. The scene then switched to my death, which was of old age. My mate, (who incarnated as P***, my first wife in this life,) was visibly stricken with grief. My little tribe covered my body with branches and leaves, and moved away.

I shot up a tunnel into the galaxies, and saw and experienced many things which defy effective communication. This was in fact a large part of the experience, so what remains to be told may seem a little scant for so many hours of hypnosis. After quite a time I met with my spirit guides. One, Govinda, I have known since early childhood, but he first appeared to me in this hypnotic session as a strange form of a gothic monster, like something in a child’s video game. He had small horns, like a moose, growing out of his forehead, and only his kind but pleasantly ugly face reflected something of his true nature. He was joined by Teki, a south-sea island shaman whom I have also known all my life, who retained his natural appearance. Teki told me, laughing as he spoke, that I had “blundered around a bit”, which at first I took as a reference to what I had done in my incarnations, but it seems he was referring to my entry into the spirit world and all the strange places I had visited before meeting him. I never have had a good sense of direction!

I then met my soul cluster group, the beings with whom I share the experience of many of my incarnations. To my intense surprise, none of them were in human form! Some were in the form of the small ape-like creatures of whom I was one in my most recent life, and others were Greys, a form of extra-terrestrial that many people have seen. It felt like I’d dropped into a “Star Wars” or “Men in Black movie”. They welcomed me telepathically, then did a healing session on me. I lay down and all these strange little extra-terrestrials (of whom I must have been one in some incarnation) put their funny little fingers around my stomach. At first I felt an intense cold, which changed into an intense heat. I felt some form of energy move into my body, displacing another form of energy that was there.

I was then taken by Govinda to a Council of Elders, very wise, highly evolved beings who supervise and help us in our incarnations. Govinda, all the while, had slowly been transforming from his “monster” appearance into more of a human monk-like being, but the gothic tone was still apparent in my experience. In keeping with this, as I walked through a huge room I saw maybe 100 hooded beings lined up either side who bowed or nodded to me as I passed them. I could not see any of their faces. This, and the fact that the members of my soul cluster group all chose to appear to me in an extra-terrestrial incarnation form, suggests to me that it’s not appropriate for me to know their identity at this time. (Beings in my soul cluster may be currently incarnated with me, since we all leave some of our energy in the spirit world and so live there at the same time we incarnate here. A dual existence.)

The Council of Elders were sitting at a long table and I stood before them. At first they too were wearing hoods. They conferred amongst themselves for some time, then removed their hoods and addressed me telepathically. There were five of them and they were all in elderly male human form. It appeared that they thought my current life was going on course, and they had no particular advice to give me. Without more ado they rose and departed. I felt rather cheated at this, since I was hoping for some insights into my life problems, but Govinda told me that in fact this was a favorable outcome and they only say what I need to hear.

Govinda had by now changed into a shining, beautiful elderly monk and his overwhelmingly loving energy and appearance took my breath away. He was saying good-bye, and I felt very emotional about this. Teki left too. As soon as they left an immensely powerful, purple being who was pure energy appeared and answered some of Rifa’s questions. She wanted to know why some souls experience life on other planets while others don’t. The answer was that when our souls are created we already have inbuilt inclinations. My soul is colored deep yellow with a lot of green in it, which seems to translate to a level 3 stage of development. (Stage one, white, is a new soul, stage 5 is purple and probably the final stage that usually incarnates.)

The session was nearing its end. My head felt like it would explode and I couldn’t have gone on much longer. Rifa brought me back to my current incarnation gently, and I opened my eyes to a room in Vancouver.

I was disappointed that I hadn’t met the “residual energy” of P*** and L*** in the spirit world, I would have loved to communicate with them. That and the very brief nature of my encounter with the Council of Elders were my only regrets, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it. Otherwise, it was an astounding experience that reverberates with me to this day. Much of the impact was non-verbal, and I feel different for it. If I ever doubted the reality of past lives, or the spirit world, I can’t now.

The next day I wandered around down-town Vancouver. I often broke into tears as I remembered the traumas of my past life as an Arab in the time of the crusades and the effect of my death on “P***” in my life as an extra-terrestrial ape-like being. It came to me that her death by suicide in this current life was both a counter-balance to my death prior to hers when we were “apes”, and also that the ’ape” life had been so wonderful that by contrast this Earth life is very hard to endure.

The following day I had to get up at 4 in the morning to get a taxi to take me to the bus terminus. I was in a bit of a daze throughout the long bus journey home. Since my past and inter-life experiences, something has changed in my consciousness though, as is typical of this experience, I could not say precisely what. The best I can do is to say that when P***, my first wife, died, I felt part of my soul left with her. Now I feel another part of my soul has joined me. I feel more connected with my spirit guides, and also with beings at my level of development who love me and have shared the adventure of incarnated life with me time and time again.

Story of K. N. ( First-hand account) Part 2

From: K.N
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 1:47 PM
To: rifa LBL
Subject: RE: my latest

Dear Rifa,

I think the work you and other students of Michael Newton are doing is profoundly important – it has been for me and I’m certain it is for all the other clients.

As you so very correctly said at my session with you in May, much will come through after the session. It certainly is !! I feel a very close connection now with my soul group and spirit guides and gets much healing energy from both. Then there is the mysterious Green Heart thing which follows below.

Here’s the write-up of some of my experiences that flowed directly from my session with you. Doors have certainly been opened and I feel nothing but joy about whatever will happen next !

You are welcome to put it on your website, please just sign my writing as K.N., as before, ’til we contact again

Green Heart

From my Past Lives and Life between Lives hypnotic session in Vancouver in May, it seemed my last incarnation was as some telepathic, intelligent, ape-like being on an Earth-like planet. At one point during my time under hypnosis and in the spirit world, my soul group did a kind of energy healing on me. My soul group was composed of roughly equal numbers of ape-like beings and other extra-terrestrials which looked like Greys, with not a human in sight. As I wrote afterwards “I lay down and all these strange little extra-terrestrials (of whom I must have been one in some incarnation) put their funny little fingers around my stomach. At first I felt an intense cold, which changed into an intense heat. I felt some form of energy move into my body, displacing another form of energy that was there.” It seems that the effects of that healing are coming through now, starting about four months later after the hypnotic session.

A couple of weeks ago I was musing that the number and order of the colours of the seven chakras are said to be exactly the same as that of the rainbow, and apparently the colours of our souls as they develop follow it closely too. I thought how appropriate, environmentally speaking, it was that the heart chakra’s colour should be green. “Green Heart”, I whispered to myself, and immediately found myself crying and having a strong feeling of loss. I sat up, astonished. What on earth had just happened ? By pure chance I’d scored a hit on something. Nothing came to me for a few days when meditating on it, so I did what any good mystic would do; I Googled “Green Heart”. Searches produced two things of potential interest amid a number of forestry companies and self-development schools. Apparently the WW2 German air force, the Luftwaffe, had a crack section of fighter pilots called Green Heart. Hmmmm. Also, a place in Italy which has seen a lot of wars hundreds of years ago was also similarly named.

Though both seemed fertile ground for a rollicking past life memory, neither rang that inner bell. I don’t think I was a German flying ace, romantic as the concept may be, because it didn’t call to me and the timing is also far too close to the year of my birth even without fitting in my last life as an “ape”. I’d have to go to the place in Italy to see if it spoke to me but I feel nothing for it at this distance. So “Green Heart” remained a disturbing enigma.

Then on 30th September 2012 I woke at 2 am worrying about the bad relationships I have with a couple of people. I asked my spirit guides for help, and after promising this, they said “Don’t waste your time thinking about these people, meditate !” So I did. Now meditating for me can be anything from a ho-hum attempt to keep my focus on the breath, which it most often is, to a trip around the universe. That night I immediately shot up into the stars, and from a distance I saw a planet which, I knew intuitively, was the one I had lived on as an “ape” in a former life. Then it morphed into a huge green heart, then back again. Oh ! So my “planet of the apes” is Green Heart. My own heart seemed to fill to the brim with joy, and I flooded with tears.

Something happened to me at that moment. For a week or so, if I said “Green Heart” to myself I immediately felt a filling up of my heart with quiet joy. Then the work seemed to be completed, and a transformation had taken place. I found, and had it tested two or three times in short order, that as of that experience I don’t need the approval of others or take things personally nearly to the extent I did. This has been a big problem for me all my life, and now it seems to have gone overnight. It’s like a leak in my psyche has been repaired, others can’t make me feel bad just because of their own pain and dysfunction acting out at me. I sincerely hope it lasts.

(Right after this, the face of another type of extra-terrestrial came to me. Large head, huge eyes, small jaw. It was the same type of being as one I’d recently seen in a meditation, which was a young female who was herself meditating and with a large tear falling from her eye. This second one was very old and looked grim and fierce. I felt there is a connection there too, but not one available to me at this time.)

My relationship with Green Heart developed further when I realized, to my acute embarrassment and distress, that I was looking down on my “ape” soul mates because they resembled planet Earth apes and seemed to live a very easy life. Bunch of lazy monkeys. The knowledge came to me, suddenly, completely and out of the blue, that they don’t just hang around eating fruit, they generate and channel healing energy to beings in distress, like me. They are healers, and I was one of them in my last incarnation. Whether this is why they are able to help me now, or if their healing ability is more general than that, I don’t yet know. Green Heart itself is a healing planet and I feel its wonderful energy from across the universe.

When I meditate these days I focus on my heart chakra, and concentrate on sending love and receiving it to and from my soul group in particular, and to any and all beings that wish to receive and give it. After a few seconds I have a tangible sensation of beautiful energy flowing into me, and I can feel the consciousnesses of many wonderful loving beings throughout time, space and the many dimensions.

All this might seem a very tenuous and flimsy, not to say downright ridiculous, flight of the imagination to some one else. It would have seemed so to me too had I heard such a story from some one else even a few months ago. However, the experience of it is something very different, and it is now strong and grounded enough for me to feel secure in it months after

I feel sad to have this adventure, this learning, all on my own. It is very weird stuff by the standards of our culture, but the results so far have been directly applicable to my everyday life. I am not drifting off into a fantasy world, but rather being helped by some other reality to tackle the life I am living. The latest gift is that I am suddenly willing to look at my fellow humans, even those I dislike, with compassion. Previously I have not even wanted to be compassionate, so this is a huge step for me. With gifts like these, whatever is going on in my mental or psychic world, it seems to definitely be for my good.

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