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Adventure into Time and Beyond with Rifa Hodgson
presents workshops on
Past Life Regression, Karma, What is Your Money Story? Meet your Spirit Guide, Souls Connections and more.

Karmic Connections – Fall 2018

Series of two experiential PAST LIFE / SPIRITUAL REGRESSION workshops

Both workshops can be taken as a series or individually



Experiential Past Life Regression workshop #1 September 30 @10:30



 What is your relationship with MONEY? Some people are comfortable and natural with money and some have love-hate relationship.
Some folks seems to have a pure luck and can attract money from a thin air and some are always feel poor, even they have a solid employment and have plenty of opportunities and resources.
How do you feel about your money situation? 

The relationship we have with money are brought to life by our learned behaviors and beliefs. At the heart of this relationship are the hidden feelings of

not deserving,  not being good enough and not feeling worthy.

If you have noticed that no matter how much money you have, you still feel poor.

If the phrase “I cannot afford” is in your everyday vocabulary.

If you afraid of having money.

Come and join us. Working with Past Lives dynamics may give you an opportunity to uncover the karmic roots of your relationship with money, so you can change it for the better.

It does not seem to matter whether one sees past lives as real or as metaphor,
Regression work can bring a profound transformation in mind, body and spirit.




Experiential Past Life Regression workshop #2  October 14 @10:30

 Our present life personality is a culmination of all we have been before, like an actor with a wide repertoire:
   a monk observing the life in total solitude,
       a brave worrier,
            a prostitute paying for life’s necessities with her body,
                 a powerful priest abusing his position.

All these personalities are sitting dormant, waiting the opportunity to come forward.

Depending on the lesson we agree to learn in this life, certain personalities become active.
Can you recognize them?
     Who’s role are you re-playing today?
           What lesson are you still mastering?

By working with past life information you benefit by learning who’s role you are playing today, identify recurring patterns and make changes.

Are you interested? Join us on Sunday October 14 for a fun and discoveries.


Registration for Sunshine Coast Workshops
Location: @ Art Building, 464 S. Fletcher, Low Gibsons
Time: 10:30 AM -1:30:00 PM
Fee: $60 ($5 discount for former clients) or $110 for both events

**Full payment is required with your registration.


Group Past Life Exploration with Rifa SSC







Full Day Experiential  workshop 

November 4th

Hi There,

As I promised to you, I am now ready to offer a new workshop SOUL BODY ALIANCE©.
We will work with the wisdom and awareness of your physical body,
your Soul’s vehicle for this current life.

Do you know that your SOUL have carefully selected your body?
This is the best vessel for accomplishing your Soul lessons in this life.
You will keep your body to the end.
You will never get another one.
Each part of the body directly connected to Soul’s memories, deeds, events or unprocessed emotions.    During the workshop, we will learn the language of our physical body, our SOUL’ s instrument in this life.

We will hear untold stories that our bodies has been trying to share with us for years and years.
Our unprocessed emotions from previous times are still ruling our lives.
We will found out why our cells, our organs, our bodies act in a certain way.
And the most important, what do we need to change or to remember to create some harmony in our bodies and our lives.

The workshop will be from 10:30 to 6 pm.    One hour lunch break.    Your investment is $150.00. (for returned participants $140) Bring your lunch box. Please register earlier. Space is limited.

Registration for Sunshine Coast Workshops
Location: @ Art Building, 464 S. Fletcher, Low Gibsons
Time: 10:30 AM -6:00 PM
Tuition: $150.00. (for returning participants $140)

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Soul Body Alliance Nov 4 Gibsons-Workshops Registration