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Rifa Hodgson, CHt. CLBLt.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified “Life Between Lives” Therapist

Rifa Hodgson

Rifa Hodgson

When we view our life as an ADVENTURE, difficulties become challenges, our old mistakes become our lessons.
We begin to recognize our experiences and our place in a bigger picture.

We create our personal adventure!

“Adventure into Time and Beyond” is here to assist you to bring positive changes into all aspects of your life through Hypnotic regression,
Past Life Regression
and Life Between Lives Spiritual regression.

“Adventure is not outside a man; it is within.”
David Grayson

Past Life Regression

  • Do you ever wonder why you are attracted to certain places or to specific historical times?
  • Have you ever met someone and felt that you’ve known them before – maybe for ever?
  • Do you struggle with fears or phobias that seem to have no explanation to them – you can’t pinpoint the cause?
  • Or do you have chronic pains that just won’t clear up no matter what you do?
  • Could these events be explained as coming from a past life?

By connecting the past to the present, a missing piece of the puzzle can be located that may answer questions about your present life issues or fears.

Past Life Regression therapy is an efficient, effective and inexpensive technique for accessing the subconscious mind which contains complete knowledge of your personal history throughout time.

Life Betweeen Lives Regression

  • Life Between Lives Spiritual regression is based on the groundbreaking research and instructions of Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”.
  • This work is both an extension of and evolution beyond, Past Life Regression.
  • The techniques of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy allow you access to your soul memories while in a state of consciousness which is called the superconscious mind.

“Imagination is the eye of the soul.”   Joseph Joubert

Life Between Lives Testimonial.  Sent: Sunday, 11:31 AM

My past life regression and Life Between Lives sessions with Rifa have given me some of the most valuable experiences of my life.  As I reconnected with my true self and the soul energies of the significant people in my life, I experienced the most expansive feelings of love and understanding that opened me to a new perception of myself and my life. I have known the concept of ‘igher’ or ‘authentic’ self for years but have never come close to the absolute beauty of experiencing this for myself. I can’t now fit myself back into the same ‘box’ I was in before, and because I now know what my source energy feels like, I return there often for guidance and renewal. Thanks so much Rifa. I’m sure I will reconnect with you when the time is right. Blessings

Thank you, Absolutely beautiful!!!!   Do I have your permission to share it with all on my website? If yes, how do you want to sign up as full name, initials, your soul name and so on, let me know.  And…… please, be gentle with yourself.  With Love, Rifa

Sent: Monday, 8:59 AM

   Hi Rifa, I’d be ok with you using my full name with the testimonial. This is pretty amazing actually because I have just got in touch with a significant belief around my ill-health, that what I most want is to express my true feelings and vulnerability and connect with people on a ‘real’ level, illness allows me to do this. This has led me to ask myself how else could I achieve this without making myself ill…. and here you are asking me if I am willing to express my feelings and experience to ’all‘ on your website!! eeekk! It’s a challenge for me, and I can feel the little part of me wanting to remain anonymous, but I can also see this as an opportunity to share myself,
so lets go !!! Blessings on your day, Janet

WOW, THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    …Would you like to include this email as well to allow others completely understand how much clarity you have now about what is going on in your life.  With love, Rifa

Sent: Monday, 12:46 PM

   Hi Rifa, I had to laugh over this.  I can almost hear my inner being calling, ‘this way, good…good, keep on going”…..! So yes, ok, why not put it all on the website.  Thanks for giving me a bigger opportunity!!!  Love, Janet Tyers


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